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Umpqua Kennel Club

8005 Old Hwy 99  Suite E

Roseburg, Oregon

Dogs really need training!

Directions to the Training Center

The Umpqua Kennel Club Training Center is located 1.6 miles north of Interstate 5

at Exit #129 - Umpqua Community College (UCC). 

There is a mailbox cluster by the road, one of which has the number 7979.  Our training center is in the 2nd building, Unit E of the two long metal buildings (3rd door from the end of the 2nd building).

There is sometimes a red & yellow sign by the driveway entrance that says 'Wilbur Auction' and another blue & red sign that says 'Mancrafts'.  On the top corner of the second building are numbers 8005.

New Members Welcome

Requirements for Joining:

  1. Attend at least 2 regular monthly meetings or 1 meeting and work at 1 event

  2. Be sponsored by 2 current members in good-standing.

  3. Submit a membership application to the secretary with the dues.

Application will be read to the membership at a regular monthly meeting. 

Application will be voted on at the following monthly meeting (applicant may not be present)

Continuing Member requirements:

  1. Pay yearly member dues of $10 for individuals and $15 for a couple.

  2. Work at one club event (the annual show or other event)

  3. Attend five meetings per year

  4. Maintain good standing with the AKC. 

Download a Membership Application >>>